In the young Gianbecchina, the dimension of travel is one of the themes contained in it, such as "distance" and "place" that turn out to be decisive for his human story and personal intellectual growth.

In 1938 was born in the man and the artist the precise desire to create a "distance" from Sicily through long stays between Rome and Milan.

The need to move away from the island world in order to experience a different cultural reality is followed by the elaboration of a vision of "place." "Distance" will foster that new dimension of "Feeling" Sicily.

Travels, sojourns in those cities of avant-garde experimentation and frequenting cultural groups and movements such as Corrente (1930), Il Fronte Nuovo delle Arti (1946), Forma 1 (1948) that will enable Maestro and other artists such as Renato Guttuso, Beniamino Joppolo, Nino Franchina, Ugo Attardi, Giuseppe Migneco, Antonio Sanfilippo, Pietro Consagra and Carla Accardi to initiate themselves into the boundless world of artistic research.


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